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A brief overview of Keshi GmbH:

The Keshi GmbH started the business as im- and exporter in Germany on 2008. A long term experience on the metal sectors for the Markets in Arabia, America, Europe, as well as in China lead us to give the best consultancy in terms of material or process engineering to our customers also in Germany. Our German Bureau was an important step to intensive the relationship with our customers in Germany, the Netherland and Austria. This will help us to afford a special advisory service for our customer’s at the European market. Our product range included all process technologies started with castings (grey, ductile and steel casting), forging and stamped metal parts made by European or German standards. In order to meet specific needs and requirements of customers at any time, there are several partners in Europe and also in China. A high quality of the products is always guaranteed by a comprehensive quality management. According to this we are able to do specific test according to the given standards, as well as unspecific tests which were showing the behavior of the parts with its real application. We would be delighted on a future partnership with your company.

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KeShi Handels GmbH, Marie-Curie-Str.7 , 41569 Rommerskirchen  | Tel.: 02183-2337475 Fax: 02183-2337319