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Quality management

Our quality management consist not only on the inspection possibilities of our manufacturer, as well as their individual quality conception, we additionally control the products by independent engineers, who are able to get testing values by own machines to compare the test results of the factories. 

This helps us to keep the overview, although there is such a big network of manufacturer and suppliers.

If this is not enough for the customer’s requirements, we would like to engage a separate, independent inspection institute for the required inspections.

Furthermore our customer will be informed for the actual news regarding their products. If required we like to prepare the standard quality certificates: 2.2, 3.1 and for special request also the 3.2 standard certificate. Often for this it is more favorable, if we offer some special testing methods, which were closer to the real workload that the parts have to burden, as any standard test is able to show. Another advantage is that these kind of tests are more or less cheaper than the standard test which were done by external inspection institutes.

As if we are working together with many different suppliers we are still endeavored to push them to the best quality which can implemented on their production systems and encourage them to become just a little step better.











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