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Our Products

Our Products are characterized by a high quality standard and modern manufacturing technology. Of course we provide all these with a fair price for our customers.

Every employee with his own special knowledge and skills play a special part as a member of our company. These properties are reflected in all details of our products. That is of what you as customer can take profit right now, as well as in future.

















 Manufacturing capability 

Our manufacturing capabilities are as numerous and variable as our Partners. At the beginning of our company there was only one foundry with its own Metalwork, which could not only fettle the casted products, but also produced the ready machined part, which the customer could directly use. As reaction to the constantly increasing workload more and more divisions were step by step outsourced as independent suppliers. On the other hand there were still found new suppliers with new manufacturing capabilities.

Out of these origins were grown a big network of competent and effective partners with long term experience and many different and variable production solutions, which meet for nearly all kinds of requirements the customer needs.

At now we are able to supply many variants of casting and forging parts, as well as steel parts for middle and high volume production started with 500 up to 40000 pieces (depending on the required sizes). A single part weight shouldn`t be more than 240kg.

Our partners include manufactures with various production capabilities in different divisions:

-          Foundries for grey cast iron, ductile iron, as well as malleable iron

-          Foundries for steel castings

-          Forges with open die and drop forge systems

-          Workshops with CNC and manually production systems

-          A stamping workshop with the capabilities of bending, milling services, fracturing,

           swerving and drilling.

As well as various possibilities of coating and painting for the products


Convince yourself

If there are any further questions, do not hesitate to ask us 




KeShi Handels GmbH, Marie-Curie-Str.7 , 41569 Rommerskirchen  | Tel.: 02183-2337475 Fax: 02183-2337319