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Flexible Solutions

For new enquiries we are still on your disposal. According to the design, material and production process we will help you to find a suitable solution for your company.

Also if our Customer has new requirements, which does not meet our standard delivery program we are able to inform the customer about the best solutions for his product. Often we can find many parallels between our standard delivery program and the customer requirement. So that we can use detailed aspects of the given products to full fill the new customer’s requirement.

Because of our long term experience in doing metal products we are quickly able to find solution for a large range of requirements, as well as eliminate problems before something might happen.

Furthermore we create our offers not only on the basis of a customer drawing. Also we can quote by a sample which the customer had given to our hands. At the latest for the order a drawing will be prepared, to clear all details and what may prevent all misunderstandings.

Although we have a large standard delivery program, we still get many welcome enquiries for special needs. For answer these Enquiries we are every time disposed to create it close to the customer’s wishes regarding the criteria of costs, amount and mechanical workload. For this we can get an idea about the needed design and material.

Beyond these facts we have the possibility to make chemical analysis, tensile tests, charpy-impact tests, analysis of microstructure, hardness test, etc…. . These test are not only done in our factories, we count also some certified German test institutes to our customers.

If a drawing for an enquiry will be needed we have an in house service, which can provide a standard 2 D drawing based on an 3 dimensional model of the part. These data can also be used for stress analysis, if the workload for the parts is known. For the stress analysis we are working together with a separate engineering office, which can do the infinite element calculation.

All the above mentioned subs are only a little extract of our services. Please test us and ask us for an, so you will see what we are able to do for your company.






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