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Our delivery program is various.

In the field of engine construction we manufacture casting, as well as forging parts for a large amount of different industry sectors.

Casting parts can be supplied as precision-casting (investment or lost foam) or as sand-casting by an automatic mould system. Forging parts can be manufactured by open die forging or by a drop forged process.

In almost every case we can inform our customer regarding a possible production process and give help to find a suitable process which acceptable for the costs, as well as the quality.

To advise our customers to find the needed material and design for their products, we are looking back for a nearly 18 years experience in doing metal products.

Especially in the field of engine construction it is often a long road to the optimized series product. In many cases the new product which is designed by the engineer must be reworked or changed a little bit by the foundry specialist to optimize the product for the manufacturing process. If the parts also have to burden a mechanical workload the design is often going to be changed again, to optimize the part to withstand the external stresses. In most sectors of development a new part has to pass again and again through this process.

To shorten this process as much as possible we are still trying to guide our customer so that both can take profit of the whole arrangement.

Because of our proximity to our customer we are able to give them a real good support for taking care of the whole developing process actually during the first design steps of the prototypes. But also we can supply the “know-how”of our partners like engineer offices or the manufacturer themselves to become an active component of the development.



Material and achievement

Our delivery program in the field of casting parts contains all standard grey iron, ductile iron and malleable iron, as well as steel casting materials. These materials are casted according to the usual standards in Germany. Upon a request we are also able to cast pieces according to ISO, ASTM or GB/T.

For the field of forging materials we process not only the standard unalloyed construction steel. Our production system is also able to handle high-alloyed stainless steel materials.

Many special material types can be, if it is not directly available, procured upon a request by certified suppliers for processing it in our production facilities.

For our quality management we are not only watch our production processes, but also we take very much care of the incoming materials for forging or scrap for the foundries. Because a product can also be as good as the material of which it consists.

Furthermore we are testing our parts not only during the production process, as usual according to the terms of technique, we also provide an independence inspection for the parts after all is finished.

For that we reach a very high graduated precision quality of our manufacturing process.


If you have any question do not hesitate to ask us.


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