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Hose Clamps

Our delivery program is various.

We are still endeavor to increase our delivery program and are also able to set up new solutions for your special efforts, which will exactly meet the customer’s requirements.

To find the even best solution for our customers we can call upon an wide spectrum of standard products.

Also if the customer requires a total new design for a special problem, we can help him to find a solution. This new solution is often a content of some special details of parts which already belongs to our standard program. Often it is not necessary to re-invent the wheel, if existing structures should be used and adapted to a new configured part.

Furthermore we are able to give an nearly exact impression for the new designed parts by a 3 – dimensional drawing or a separate manufactured sample.

Also for the standard products there are many different choices regarding the material, the dimensions and the workload.

Gladly we will help you to take the best choice for the clamp you needed and also advised you regarding the price. So that you can be sure, that you will get no oversized clamp which is much more expensive than the clamp you will really need.




Band and buckles (HCMD14)    

British Type Hose Clamps with Blue Head (HCMD08)    

British Type Hose Clamp (HCMD07)       

Butterfly Hose Clamp (HCMD03)

Double Wire Clamp (HCMD06)

Euro Type Hose Clamp (HCMD04)          

Exhaust Sealing Clamps (HCMD01)        

Germany Type Hose Clamp (HCMD02)

Heavy Clamp without Rubber (HCMD12)            

Heavy Clamp with Rubber (HCMD11)   

Quick Release Hose Clamp (HCMD09)  

Strip Band and Locker (HCMD13)

Super Unitary Clamp (HCMD10)

Material and Achievement:

Our standard delivery program stretches from the normal (W2) combined hose clamp, made of stainless steel band and stainless steel housing, with a galvanized screw, to the higher quality (W4) hose clamp which is completely made of stainless steel. Also you can get it in different band width and with a variable Material thickness.

In addition, we are able to supply many combined Materials for the hose clamps, as well as the for the fixing and mounting material.

Because of that we can use different materials like plastics or rubber in combination with a metal body where it is necessary. Up to this you can use the combined prejudices of both materials.

Don`t hesitate to ask us.







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