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Spare parts for agriculture machines

Our delivery program is various.

For the spare parts, especially for tillage systems and the wear resistant parts, the usage and the requirements are often very different. So that every customer product has to meet special and very carefully sorted requirements.

To meet all customers’ requirements we still compare our own delivery program with the customer efforts. Because of our long term experience for wear resistant steels we are often able to suggest many kinds of improvements to our customer.

Also we are able to overtake the improvements we developed together with our customers for the manufacturing drawings, so that there is still an actual basement for the order or as discussion platform for samples.




Furthermore our suppliers have a wide range of possibilities to protect the parts with different kinds of painting, galvanization or other surface treatments.

For example a wear resistant surface welding is able to nearly double the lifetime of plow or subsoil parts.

The possibility to bring different materials together is a much specified method and needs a very strict heat treatment management to make sure that the end product really have the properties. The technical and regulatory frameworks are of primary importance in this regards.

For choosing the correct materials and the correct heat treatment levels we use a lot of tests to find the bests solutions for every individual product. Our experience often helps us to get the best solutions very easily without spending many time and much costs on it.

So we and also our customers can take a profit of this.









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